Do You Like Rock Music?

February 28, 2008

British Sea Power certainly does. This question is asked of their listeners, and is also the title of their latest release. Do You Like Rock Music? marks the third album from the Brighton England indie band. Although there have been some negative reviews of this album, I’m willing to say that I think it’s a solid release from the guys. I think the overall feedback has been positive, and I’m excited to catch the band on their upcoming tour.

I think the band continues to hold true to their original sounds, which I have always enjoyed since their debut album The Decline of British Sea Power in 2003. If you are unfamiliar with the band, and you enjoy bands such as the Pixies or Joy Division, give their latest album a listen.

They have a nice set of North American tour dates which you can check out below. Their likely to show up in your neck of the woods over the next few months.

Check out a video for their song “Waving Flags”:

Visit the Official Site of British Sea Power
Visit British Sea Power at MySpace

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Feb 28 2008 Spaceland – Los Angeles, California
Feb 29 2008 Cellardor – Visalia, California
Mar 01 2008 Bottom of the Hill (Noisepop) – San Francisco, California
Mar 03 2008 Doug Fir – Portland, Oregon
Mar 04 2008 Neumo’s – Seattle, Washington
Mar 05 2008 Plaza Club – Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 08 2008 Hi-Dive – Denver, Colorado
Mar 13 2008 SXSW – Austin, Texas
Mar 14 2008 SXSW – Austin, Texas
Mar 15 2008 SXSW – Austin, Texas
Mar 16 2008 SXSW – Austin, Texas
Mar 19 2008 Waiting Room – Omaha, Nebraska
Mar 20 2008 Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, Iowa
Mar 21 2008 Triple Rock – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mar 22 2008 Canopy Club – Urbana, Illinois
Mar 24 2008 Empty Bottle – Chicago, Illinois
Mar 25 2008 Eagle Theatre – Pontiac, Michigan
Mar 26 2008 Grog Shop – Cleveland, Ohio
Mar 27 2008 The Basement – Columbus, Ohio
Mar 28 2008 Phoenix Hill Tavern – Louisville, Kentucky
Mar 29 2008 Billiken Club – St. Louis, Missouri
Apr 12 2008 Club Deville – Austin, Texas
Apr 13 2008 Engine Room – Houston, Texas
Apr 15 2008 Spanish Moon – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Apr 16 2008 One Eyed Jack’s – New Orleans, Louisiana
Apr 17 2008 Club Downunder – Tallahassee – Florida State University, Florida
Apr 18 2008 The Social – Orlando, Florida
Apr 19 2008 Jack Rabbit’s – Jacksonville, Florida
Apr 20 2008 Village Tavern – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Apr 21 2008 The Earl – Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 22 2008 Bottletree – Birmingham, Alabama
Apr 23 2008 Hi Tone – Memphis, Tennessee
May 01 2008 Mojo’s – Columbia, Missouri
May 02 2008 Proud Larry’s – Oxford, Mississippi
May 03 2008 Mercy Lounge – Nashville, Tennessee
May 04 2008 Grey Eagle – Asheville, North Carolina
May 06 2008 Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, North Carolina
May 07 2008 Satelite Ballroom – Charlottesville, Virginia
May 08 2008 Black Cat – Washington, Washington DC
May 09 2008 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 10 2008 Bowery Ballroom – New York, New York
May 11 2008 Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, New York
May 13 2008 Paradise – Boston, Massachusetts
May 15 2008 La Sala Rossa – Montreal, Quebec
May 16 2008 Lee’s Palace – Toronto, Ontario
May 17 2008 The Tralf – Buffalo, New York

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A new moody and melancholic void has been filled for me recently after the discovery of music by London based band Trembling Blue Stars.  I stumbled across their song “All Eternal Things” not too long ago, which caught me off guard.  I was doing something and actually thought I was listening to a Cure song.  But this wasn’t the case.. it was actually Trembling Blue Stars.

The band has actually been around since the mid 1990’s.  I’m pretty sure I heard tracks from them quite a few years ago.. perhaps I was too caught up in hardcore metal songs at the time that I didn’t really take note of how good their songs are.  I enjoy the shared vocal duties from Bobby Wratten and Beth Arzy.. good stuff.

Visit Trembling Blue Stars at MySpace.

Visit Trembling Blue Stars at Elefant Records 

I’ve recently been spending an incredible amount of time listening to obscure music, however I have also had time to get lost in a large amount of DJ and trance tunes which I have never heard of before.  Years ago I would pick up quickly on hard to find remix tracks, but I eventually took up interest in other genres more than electronic music in general.

There are quite a few talented DJs out there right now.  It’s not that they are new to the scene, it’s just that I’ve found ways to appreciate some of the mixes they have been releasing.  I suppose certain types of advances in musical technologies have something to do with it.  Perhaps not.  Some of the best dj equipment used is old equipment.  So.. I don’t know.  All I can say is, I dig some of the rare remixes floating out there today.  I’m not a master at DJ knowledge, but I do have an interest in finding and obtaining some of the rare recordings that are in existence.

Returning from a hiatus.

February 22, 2008

It’s time to spread some music lovin’ news once again.  I’ve been on a temporary hiatus for a variety of reasons, however I’m glad to say I have some extra time to fill in the gaps.  So check back for some killer new music, old music, and crazy odds and ends that I might feel interested in sharing.

Shaw Blades Tour Dates

October 24, 2007

Shaw Blades PhotoRemember Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades? Of course you do. Well, you should anyway. Shaw is best known for his works with the band Styx and Damn Yankees. Jack Blades is best known for his works with Night Ranger, Rubicon, and the music he put out along with Shaw in Damn Yankees. In 1995 Shaw and Blades teamed up with one another and released their debut album titled Hallucination. They simply went by the name Shaw Blades.

The duo released a follow up to their debut in March of 2007. The album called Influence is derived of some of the best classic 60s and 70s rock songs which were the most inspirational to both musicians. Some may call it a tribute album, others simply call it a chronology of the modern rock era. “California Dreamin”, “Summer Breeze”, and “Lucky Man” are just a few songs you’ll hear in Influence.

The second part of their US Tour supporting the album has recently been announced. You can find the tour dates listed below. Any fan of Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades should definitely catch a show.

Visit Shaw Blades at MySpace
Visit the Official Website of Shaw Blades

Tour Dates:

Nov 07 2007 McNear’s Mystic Theater – Petaluma, California
Nov 08 2007 The Coach House – San Juan Capistrano, California
Nov 09 2007 The Coach House – San Juan Capistrano, California
Nov 10 2007 The Canyon Club – Agoura Hills, California
Nov 11 2007 The Canyon Club Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 14 2007 The Music Mill – Indianapolis, Indiana
Nov 15 2007 Ameristar Casino – St. Charles, Missouri
Nov 16 2007 Joe’s On Weed – Chicago, Illinois
Nov 17 2007 Rex Theater – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nov 18 2007 The Tangier – Akron, Ohio
Nov 21 2007 The Culture Room – Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Nov 23 2007 Wild Bill’s – Duluth, Georgia
Nov 24 2007 Feeling Lucky Tavern – Mooresville, North Carolina
Nov 26 2007 Ramshead on Stage – Annapolis, Maryland
Nov 29 2007 Crocodile Rock Cafe – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Nov 30 2007 Northern Lights – Clifton Park, New York
Dec 01 2007 Scottish Rite Auditorium – Collingswood, New Jersey
Dec 02 2007 Sonar – Baltimore, Maryland
Dec 06 2007 LC Pavilion – Columbus, Ohio
Dec 07 2007 Club Fever – South Bend, Indiana
Dec 08 2007 Wildhorse Saloon – Nashville, Tennessee

On a complete non music related subject, I find it interesting how popular Transfomers toys have become once again.  Long before the blockbuster movie that just came out, I can remember causing chaos after whippin’ out my Optimus Prime Transformer.  Those were the days..

Watertouch - Band PhotoTime for me to get up on my soapbox and spread the word of some incredible sounds worthy of recognition. Yet again, the sounds come from a group of musicians from Sweden, known as Watertouch. I know I talk more about Swedish prog music more than one can sometimes tolerate, but hey.. someone has to do it.

If you take absolutely no interest in prog music in the realms of Frank Zappa, Kansas, Jethro Tull, The Flower Kings, Spock’s Beard, the Dixie Dregs, or Deep Purple, you probably won’t find this interesting. But if the slight mention of these artists spark an interest for you, you’ll come to appreciate the music of Watertouch.

The band consists of fine talent from Peter Holmstedt on bass, Eiron Johansson on drums and percussion, Per Wiber on the keys, and Patrick Salin on guitar and vocals. Swedish Grammy winner Tommy Andersson produced Watertouch’s debut album We Never Went to the Moon. The 7 track album is amazing, the majority made up of instrumentals. The band is inspired by the best classic rock music of all time, showcasing their ability to mold their own brand of prog.

Visit the Official MySpace page of Watertouch to listen to their tracks.
Visit the Official Website of Watertouch