Shaw Blades Tour Dates

October 24, 2007

Shaw Blades PhotoRemember Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades? Of course you do. Well, you should anyway. Shaw is best known for his works with the band Styx and Damn Yankees. Jack Blades is best known for his works with Night Ranger, Rubicon, and the music he put out along with Shaw in Damn Yankees. In 1995 Shaw and Blades teamed up with one another and released their debut album titled Hallucination. They simply went by the name Shaw Blades.

The duo released a follow up to their debut in March of 2007. The album called Influence is derived of some of the best classic 60s and 70s rock songs which were the most inspirational to both musicians. Some may call it a tribute album, others simply call it a chronology of the modern rock era. “California Dreamin”, “Summer Breeze”, and “Lucky Man” are just a few songs you’ll hear in Influence.

The second part of their US Tour supporting the album has recently been announced. You can find the tour dates listed below. Any fan of Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades should definitely catch a show.

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Tour Dates:

Nov 07 2007 McNear’s Mystic Theater – Petaluma, California
Nov 08 2007 The Coach House – San Juan Capistrano, California
Nov 09 2007 The Coach House – San Juan Capistrano, California
Nov 10 2007 The Canyon Club – Agoura Hills, California
Nov 11 2007 The Canyon Club Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 14 2007 The Music Mill – Indianapolis, Indiana
Nov 15 2007 Ameristar Casino – St. Charles, Missouri
Nov 16 2007 Joe’s On Weed – Chicago, Illinois
Nov 17 2007 Rex Theater – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nov 18 2007 The Tangier – Akron, Ohio
Nov 21 2007 The Culture Room – Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Nov 23 2007 Wild Bill’s – Duluth, Georgia
Nov 24 2007 Feeling Lucky Tavern – Mooresville, North Carolina
Nov 26 2007 Ramshead on Stage – Annapolis, Maryland
Nov 29 2007 Crocodile Rock Cafe – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Nov 30 2007 Northern Lights – Clifton Park, New York
Dec 01 2007 Scottish Rite Auditorium – Collingswood, New Jersey
Dec 02 2007 Sonar – Baltimore, Maryland
Dec 06 2007 LC Pavilion – Columbus, Ohio
Dec 07 2007 Club Fever – South Bend, Indiana
Dec 08 2007 Wildhorse Saloon – Nashville, Tennessee


One Response to “Shaw Blades Tour Dates”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    Thnaks for posting this, but it only serves to frustrate those of us in the cultural backwater that is Europe. Love both Shaw Blades albums, just hope they’ll hop across the pond sometime, otherwise we’ll be condemned to listen to endless indie rubbish, being told that some 3 chord wonder who wouldnt know a harmony if it whacked him over the head with a large piece of wood that had “harmony” stencilled on it in large neon letters is the next genius. a bit carried away there….erm..I really like Shaw Blades anyway.

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