I’ve recently been spending an incredible amount of time listening to obscure music, however I have also had time to get lost in a large amount of DJ and trance tunes which I have never heard of before.  Years ago I would pick up quickly on hard to find remix tracks, but I eventually took up interest in other genres more than electronic music in general.

There are quite a few talented DJs out there right now.  It’s not that they are new to the scene, it’s just that I’ve found ways to appreciate some of the mixes they have been releasing.  I suppose certain types of advances in musical technologies have something to do with it.  Perhaps not.  Some of the best dj equipment used is old equipment.  So.. I don’t know.  All I can say is, I dig some of the rare remixes floating out there today.  I’m not a master at DJ knowledge, but I do have an interest in finding and obtaining some of the rare recordings that are in existence.


Hermes House Band - PhotoThrowin’ a party? Hermes House Band is there. Well, in a sense they are there. Since being founded in 1984, the Hermes House Band has worked hard and have become a highly recognized name, worldwide. First being recognized as a student’s #1 party band in Holland, Hermes House Band has progressed into so much more. The band’s boost in popularity can mostly be attributed to their version of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”, which began making waves in 1994. The band has an extensive history, and will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in just a couple more years. You can read up on the complete history of the Hermes House Band at their websites I have posted below.

Listen to the Hermes House Band MP3 of “Eileen”:

The Official Website of the Hermes House Band
Visit Hermes House Band at Myspace