Leaves’ Eyes

September 19, 2007

I’ve been listening to the music Leaves’ Eyes recently. For some reason I didn’t fully appreciate their sound at first, but it didn’t take long for their music to grow on me. Leaves’ eyes formed in 2003 when vocalist/lyricist Liv Kristine was no longer part of Theatre of Tragedy. Leaves’ Eyes Promo Photo - by Kai JoachimLiv’s husband Alexander Krull formed Leaves’ Eyes with members of the band Atrocity, and have successfully combined their unique metal and classical elements to produce an outstanding genuine symphonic metal sound. Leaves’s Eyes will be touring with King Diamond, Kreator, and Cellador in 2008. I personally think this will be one of the best tours for metal fans who appeal to this genre of music. For those in Belgium, don’t miss the band headlining October 20th as part of the Metal Female Voices Fest. They will be recording a special DVD which is pretty exciting. They are building a massive viking ship for their set which will also include some awesome special effects. Sounds cool!!


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