Watertouch - Band PhotoTime for me to get up on my soapbox and spread the word of some incredible sounds worthy of recognition. Yet again, the sounds come from a group of musicians from Sweden, known as Watertouch. I know I talk more about Swedish prog music more than one can sometimes tolerate, but hey.. someone has to do it.

If you take absolutely no interest in prog music in the realms of Frank Zappa, Kansas, Jethro Tull, The Flower Kings, Spock’s Beard, the Dixie Dregs, or Deep Purple, you probably won’t find this interesting. But if the slight mention of these artists spark an interest for you, you’ll come to appreciate the music of Watertouch.

The band consists of fine talent from Peter Holmstedt on bass, Eiron Johansson on drums and percussion, Per Wiber on the keys, and Patrick Salin on guitar and vocals. Swedish Grammy winner Tommy Andersson produced Watertouch’s debut album We Never Went to the Moon. The 7 track album is amazing, the majority made up of instrumentals. The band is inspired by the best classic rock music of all time, showcasing their ability to mold their own brand of prog.

Visit the Official MySpace page of Watertouch to listen to their tracks.
Visit the Official Website of Watertouch


Bogus Blimp - Band PhotoAnother interesting find during my quest of musical madness found in the complex minds of intuitive musicians leads me to Norway’s Bogus Blimp.  Just when you think you have them figured out, they venture off to explore musical paths others may be to afraid to tamper with.  A listen to their music has the ability to transcend you into another place and time, which may either excite or frighten the average listener.  Weather you choose to place their music in the category of ambient creation, or simply modern works of classical art, Bogus Blimp will open your mind to both.

The band formed in 1996, and since then has released several albums on Jester Records, most recently Rdtr, released in 2004.  The album takes you on an in depth journey into the realms of science fiction exploration.  The whole concept of experimental music is quite fitting for artists such as Bogus Blimp.  Give a listen to them and discover why they are best known as “The Spectacular Rock Orchestra”.

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scoundscapes of Hammock

September 22, 2007

Hammock has never fell short of being an inspiration when it comes to imaginative music.  Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson put their listeners in a transcendent state of mind.  I find their creativity pure genius when it comes to ambient and experimental music.  There are no boundaries in the experimental genre, and Hammock proves just that.  The duo from Nashville Tennessee has had great success with their 2005 debut album “Kenotic”, their EP “Stranded Under Endless Sky”,  the volume one “The Sleep-Over Series” album, and their most recent full length release on Darla Records titled “Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo”.  Hammock had their first live performance ever at a private event in Hot Springs, Arkansas back in August, performing after Riceboy Sleeps, another brilliant musical project from Iceland.  I am glad to say reviews of Hammock’s musical creations have been nothing but positive.   I look forward to hearing more from these guys.

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Dysrhythmia for your ears

August 12, 2007

Dysrhythmia - Band Photo by Scott KincadeThe instrumental progressive rock band Dysrhythmia from Queens New York has a Split EP coming out with Rothko titled Fractures, which will be available on August 28th. Of course the band will do no less than showcase their mad skills as usual. If you never heard of Dysrhythmia, no better time than now to check them out. The band features the mighty talented Jeff Eber on drums, Kevin Hufnagel on guitar,and Colin Marston on bass. Dysrhythmia puts forth thought provoking music for the vast simple mind. Their music reshapes complexity, yet maintains a fine degree of structure. If instrumental music interests you, give them a listen.

The Official Website of Dysrhythmia
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Finally I’m getting an opportunity to share some new music with everyone. It’s been a busy past couple days, spending a bit of time in Chicago. Always a great city to spend time in. Anyway, back to the music. Something which has been occupying my listening senses is The Mörglbl Trio. Unfortunately I hardly ever hear their name mentioned when discussing progressive jazz, rock, and funk music with others. It’s quite a shame, and I can only hope that a lot more people can be made aware of their fantastic musical style. The band is made up of French musicians Christophe Godin(guitar), Jean Pierre Frelezeau(drums), and Ivan Rougny(bass). The music is primarily instrumental madness, graced with fine elements of funky jazz filled overlays, and a lot of crazyiness. The band has actually been around since 1997, and even fell apart in 2002, but thankfully put the pieces back together, and is still just as strong. They even have some tour dates lined up in France over the next few months. Their latest release “Grötesk” is one of my current top recommendations.

The Mörglbl Trio is incredibly entertaining, and I guarnatee those who appreciate progressive music will come to love their music. Another nice tidbit of information to munch on is that Christophe Godin’s side project Metal Kartoon is just as entertaining. So while you check out the Mörglbl, be sure to check out the humorous side project which is filled with even more blazing chord progressions and progressive anomalies. So, enter the world of worthy music, and get on over to the websites listed below to learn more about these well respected musicians.

Visit Christophe Godin’s Website
Visit The Mörglbl Trio at Myspace

See The Mörglbl Trio in live in action:

Ahleuchatistas Photo by David J. FranusichThe three piece experimental music group Ahleuchatistas are busy touring this summer, visiting some cities they haven’t visited in the past. The guys have some more brilliant music ready to be unleashed. Their fourth album, which is being released on Cuneiform Records September 18th, 2007, will be titled “Even in the Midst”.

With Shane Perlowin on guitar, Derek Poteat on bass, and Sean Dail on drums, their communication between one another through music is amazing. The instrumental madness coming from the minds of Ahleuchatistas, along with incredible musicianship, is what powers the group. Their highly complex style of music, filled with pattern changes, insane rhythms, and melodic overlays bring attraction of all kinds. Weather you want to call it progressive, a form of jazz, or experimental, they know what they are doing.

Check out a video of a sick performance in VA:

The band’s website is great, and provides a lot of information. Stop over there to learn more about them.

The Official Website of Ahleuchatistas
Visit Ahleuchatistas at Myspace

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Jul 24 2007 Monk’s House of Jazz – Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 26 2007 Three Kings Tavern – Denver, Colorado
Jul 27 2007 The Scallywag – Saint Joseph, Missouri
Jul 28 2007 Ronny’s Bar – Chicago, Illinois
Jul 29 2007 Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center – Saint Louis, Missouri
Oct 12 2007 Nexus – Saalfelden

The Budos BandIt’s never too late to get your funky groove on.  Or so I have been told.. but my recent discovery of a large group of musicians from Staten Island New York called The Budos Band have clearly defined their own funky grooves.  It shouldn’t take a lot to appreciate good music when you hear it, and Budos Band makes it easy for listeners.  Their brand of instrumental soul inspired afro beat music gets the job done.

From the percussion beats of bongos, congas, cowbells and claves to the strong horn section led by trumpets, and a saxaphone, everything is covered.  The Budos Band has a self titled release which will soon be followed by a new album simply titled “The Budos Band II”.  This album is set to be released on August 7th, 2007.  Both are available on Daptone Records.  You can find a couple 45s that the group has released as well.

The Official Website of The Budos Band
Visit the Budos Band at Myspace

Upcoming Shows:

Jun 30 2007     Toronto Harbourfront Centre – Toronto, Ontario
Jul 05 2007    Moe’s Alley – Santa Cruz, California
Jul 06 2007    Boom Boom Room – San Francisco, California
Jul 07 2007    High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, California
Jul 08 2007    High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, California
Aug 09 2007    Joe’s Pub – New York
Aug 10 2007    World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 15 2007    Gooski’s – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 16 2007    Ravari Room – Columbus, Ohio
Aug 18 2007    Onopa Brewing Co. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Aug 19 2007    Beachland Ballrom – Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 22 2007     Museum of Fine Arts – Boston, Massachusetts