Bogus Blimp - Band PhotoAnother interesting find during my quest of musical madness found in the complex minds of intuitive musicians leads me to Norway’s Bogus Blimp.  Just when you think you have them figured out, they venture off to explore musical paths others may be to afraid to tamper with.  A listen to their music has the ability to transcend you into another place and time, which may either excite or frighten the average listener.  Weather you choose to place their music in the category of ambient creation, or simply modern works of classical art, Bogus Blimp will open your mind to both.

The band formed in 1996, and since then has released several albums on Jester Records, most recently Rdtr, released in 2004.  The album takes you on an in depth journey into the realms of science fiction exploration.  The whole concept of experimental music is quite fitting for artists such as Bogus Blimp.  Give a listen to them and discover why they are best known as “The Spectacular Rock Orchestra”.

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I completely love finding and sharing the unique musical talents of others. Another recent discovery is the music of the Diablo Swing Orchestra from Sweden. This avant garde metal / classical metal band formed in 2003 and have been releasing some amazing creations ever since. The band consists of Annlouice Loegdlund(vocals), Daniel Håkansson (vocals and guitar), Pontus Mantefors (guitars and effects), Andy Johansson (bass), Johnnes Bergion (cello), and Andreas Halvardsson (drums).

The band displays their raw emotion throughout all their songs and leave nothing behind. In 2003 they released an EP and followed that up with their first full length album in 2006 titled “The Butcher’s Ballroom”. They are working on new material and hope to have a new release in mid 2008. The Diablo Swing Orchestra honor the legacy of their ancestors through their music, and their music is worth experiencing. To read their ancient history and learn much more about the band, visit their website listed below.

Listen to Poetic Pitbull Revolutions from Diablo Swing Orchestra:

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Kayo Dot PhotoOne of the best experimental progressive music groups I’ve become aware of is Kayo Dot.  There is no question that you will appreciate the incredible compositions released by this band.  Weather you call it avant-garde metal, progressive rock, experimental, or modern classical, Kayo Dot covers all aspects.  The band formed in 2003 out of the progressive metal band Maudlin of the Well, and has released two full lengths since that time.  To my knowledge they are working on new music and should have something out in 2008.  There have been quite a few members who have been part of this project.

Two very active musicians who are the brainpower behind this amazing music are Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya.  Their highly technical skills and knowledge of music makes their music what it is, unique.  There are other projects linked to Kayo Dot, and I will feature those projects in the near future.  In the meantime, check out the resources I have listed below to learn more about the band.  Life is too short to miss out on good stuff like this.

The Official Website of Kayo Dot
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