Watertouch - Band PhotoTime for me to get up on my soapbox and spread the word of some incredible sounds worthy of recognition. Yet again, the sounds come from a group of musicians from Sweden, known as Watertouch. I know I talk more about Swedish prog music more than one can sometimes tolerate, but hey.. someone has to do it.

If you take absolutely no interest in prog music in the realms of Frank Zappa, Kansas, Jethro Tull, The Flower Kings, Spock’s Beard, the Dixie Dregs, or Deep Purple, you probably won’t find this interesting. But if the slight mention of these artists spark an interest for you, you’ll come to appreciate the music of Watertouch.

The band consists of fine talent from Peter Holmstedt on bass, Eiron Johansson on drums and percussion, Per Wiber on the keys, and Patrick Salin on guitar and vocals. Swedish Grammy winner Tommy Andersson produced Watertouch’s debut album We Never Went to the Moon. The 7 track album is amazing, the majority made up of instrumentals. The band is inspired by the best classic rock music of all time, showcasing their ability to mold their own brand of prog.

Visit the Official MySpace page of Watertouch to listen to their tracks.
Visit the Official Website of Watertouch


Bogus Blimp - Band PhotoAnother interesting find during my quest of musical madness found in the complex minds of intuitive musicians leads me to Norway’s Bogus Blimp.  Just when you think you have them figured out, they venture off to explore musical paths others may be to afraid to tamper with.  A listen to their music has the ability to transcend you into another place and time, which may either excite or frighten the average listener.  Weather you choose to place their music in the category of ambient creation, or simply modern works of classical art, Bogus Blimp will open your mind to both.

The band formed in 1996, and since then has released several albums on Jester Records, most recently Rdtr, released in 2004.  The album takes you on an in depth journey into the realms of science fiction exploration.  The whole concept of experimental music is quite fitting for artists such as Bogus Blimp.  Give a listen to them and discover why they are best known as “The Spectacular Rock Orchestra”.

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Venus Infers CD Release Show

September 12, 2007

Venus Infers PhotoThe band Venus Infers from OC California has a CD Release show on September 27th at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. They’ll be featured along with special guests Modern Subject and La Esperanza. Now’s your chance to get familiar with the band if you aren’t already. Venus Infers brands their own style of “danceable” indie pop rock, adding a bit of psychedelic sound to the mix. Though heavily influenced by bands such as Interpol and Kings of Leon, the band holds true to their own sound, not getting lost in the mainstream of things.

They have had success with airtime on Indie 103.1 FM, which has proven to be a great source of indie promotion. Listen to a couple of their songs at their Myspace site. Good stuff!

Venus Infers is made up of Davis Fetter(vocals and guitar), Brent Kutzle(bass), Elliot Richardson(mellotron), and Steve Wilmot(drums).

Visit the official Venus Infers page at Myspace

Gogol Bordello Photo by Mike D’ArianoHighly intoxicating unconventional possession of sound.  That is my description of the gypsy punk rock group Gogol Bordello.  The band from New York is nothing but unique, and are best known for their intense live shows.  And wow, do these guys do a LOT of live shows.  Credit is given to Gogol Bordello for bringing attention to gypsy music to those who have absolutely no idea what it is.  They have branded their own style of gypsy punk rock music, and I must say it’s quite interesting.

This group of musicians have been quite busy since their debut single in 1999, and have played shows along bands such as Primus and Flogging Molly.  Most recently the band has been playing quite a few festivals, and are currently touring worldwide.  Those who take interest in the Vans warped Tour are probably familiar with the band, since Gogol Bordello has participated in the event.  They have a decent presence on the internet, so you can learn more about their music at their official website I have listed below.

The Official Website of Gogol Bordello
Visit Gogol Bordello at Myspace

Kayo Dot PhotoOne of the best experimental progressive music groups I’ve become aware of is Kayo Dot.  There is no question that you will appreciate the incredible compositions released by this band.  Weather you call it avant-garde metal, progressive rock, experimental, or modern classical, Kayo Dot covers all aspects.  The band formed in 2003 out of the progressive metal band Maudlin of the Well, and has released two full lengths since that time.  To my knowledge they are working on new music and should have something out in 2008.  There have been quite a few members who have been part of this project.

Two very active musicians who are the brainpower behind this amazing music are Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya.  Their highly technical skills and knowledge of music makes their music what it is, unique.  There are other projects linked to Kayo Dot, and I will feature those projects in the near future.  In the meantime, check out the resources I have listed below to learn more about the band.  Life is too short to miss out on good stuff like this.

The Official Website of Kayo Dot
Visit Kayo Dot at Myspace

The Mojo FarmersThe Mojo Farmers is a fine group of musicians you may be familiar with if you are in the Southwest part of the United States.  Their unique style of music has been heard since the year 2000, when the band formed in Tempe Arizona.  They blend funk, blues, modern, and psychedelic rock to create the perfect jam band experience.  The Mojo Farmers have been quite active over the past few years, playing out extensively across the southwest part of the country, as well as Utah, Texas, and Colorado.  The band has two full length CDs in their collection. and it’ll be great to hear more material from these guys in the future.  They have an awesome gig lined up in Tempe, opening up for Rusted Root on July 11th.  I’ve listed a few other upcoming shows below.  Go on, get groovy with the Mojo Farmers.

The Official Website of the Mojo Farmers
Visit the Mojo Farmers at Myspace

Upcoming Shows:

Jul 11 2007    Marquee Theater – Opening For Rusted Root – Tempe, Arizona
Jul 13 2007    Goat Head Saloon – Mesa, Arizona
Aug 11 2007    Harper’s Bar – Northridge, California
Sep 21 2007    Spirit Room – Jerome, Arizona
Sep 22 2007    Spirit Room – Jerome, Arizona
Sep 23 2007    Spirit Room – Jerome, Arizona