Finally I’m getting an opportunity to share some new music with everyone. It’s been a busy past couple days, spending a bit of time in Chicago. Always a great city to spend time in. Anyway, back to the music. Something which has been occupying my listening senses is The Mörglbl Trio. Unfortunately I hardly ever hear their name mentioned when discussing progressive jazz, rock, and funk music with others. It’s quite a shame, and I can only hope that a lot more people can be made aware of their fantastic musical style. The band is made up of French musicians Christophe Godin(guitar), Jean Pierre Frelezeau(drums), and Ivan Rougny(bass). The music is primarily instrumental madness, graced with fine elements of funky jazz filled overlays, and a lot of crazyiness. The band has actually been around since 1997, and even fell apart in 2002, but thankfully put the pieces back together, and is still just as strong. They even have some tour dates lined up in France over the next few months. Their latest release “Grötesk” is one of my current top recommendations.

The Mörglbl Trio is incredibly entertaining, and I guarnatee those who appreciate progressive music will come to love their music. Another nice tidbit of information to munch on is that Christophe Godin’s side project Metal Kartoon is just as entertaining. So while you check out the Mörglbl, be sure to check out the humorous side project which is filled with even more blazing chord progressions and progressive anomalies. So, enter the world of worthy music, and get on over to the websites listed below to learn more about these well respected musicians.

Visit Christophe Godin’s Website
Visit The Mörglbl Trio at Myspace

See The Mörglbl Trio in live in action:


The Twitch - Band PhotoAmongst all the gazillion bands labeled emo alternative, there are tons of bands that are really bad.  Of course there are some really good ones too.  Unfortunately there are more bad than good, but thankfully I am still able to find some great sounding bands while filtering all the not so good ones.  One of the better ones I recently gave a listen to is a band based out of the Portland Oregon area called The Twitch.  Though primarily guitar driven, the vocals are strong, sometimes reminding me of one of my favorite bands Incubus.  The band was formed back in 2004 and has made a nice impact on the Portland music scene, and I’m not suprised.  The songs on their 2006 debut EP “Control” each have their own distinct offering, and really display the raw talent of each band member.  The Twitch is made up of Lucas Worley on guitars and vox, Nick Wiltgen on drums, Ryan Miller on guitar, and Darren Jones on bass.  I suggest visiting their myspace page and give them a listen.  Their EP is available at CD Baby.

Visit The Twitch at Myspace

Alone TogetherI found something really interesting from Japan, the musical project “Alone Together”. I don’t really know how to describe the music. Perhaps a good description might be Pac Man on crack pounding out tunes on a piano. I think there are a lot of clubs out there that would love some of Alone Together’s music exploding their speakers. Songs are written by Yuuki Ota, also featuring Takashi Matsumura and Mari Ohta. If you enjoy insanely crazy techno beats mixed with all sorts of interesting sounds, this is for you. I give lots of props to the creators here for the unique and bold creations.

Listen to a song called Human Beings:

Visit Alone Together at Myspace

Ahleuchatistas Photo by David J. FranusichThe three piece experimental music group Ahleuchatistas are busy touring this summer, visiting some cities they haven’t visited in the past. The guys have some more brilliant music ready to be unleashed. Their fourth album, which is being released on Cuneiform Records September 18th, 2007, will be titled “Even in the Midst”.

With Shane Perlowin on guitar, Derek Poteat on bass, and Sean Dail on drums, their communication between one another through music is amazing. The instrumental madness coming from the minds of Ahleuchatistas, along with incredible musicianship, is what powers the group. Their highly complex style of music, filled with pattern changes, insane rhythms, and melodic overlays bring attraction of all kinds. Weather you want to call it progressive, a form of jazz, or experimental, they know what they are doing.

Check out a video of a sick performance in VA:

The band’s website is great, and provides a lot of information. Stop over there to learn more about them.

The Official Website of Ahleuchatistas
Visit Ahleuchatistas at Myspace

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Jul 24 2007 Monk’s House of Jazz – Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 26 2007 Three Kings Tavern – Denver, Colorado
Jul 27 2007 The Scallywag – Saint Joseph, Missouri
Jul 28 2007 Ronny’s Bar – Chicago, Illinois
Jul 29 2007 Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center – Saint Louis, Missouri
Oct 12 2007 Nexus – Saalfelden

Maps & Atlases - photo by Rachel BuckSince I’ve been pretty well occupied with some great technical music, I might as well bring a small bit of attention to a fine band based out of Chicago called Maps & Atlases.  For those who are regular readers of my blog know that I’m somewhat addicted to prog music.  So I usually find bands that incorporate progressive styles in their tunes, and that’s exactly what Maps & Atlases does.  Transcend yourself into your favorite retro arcade game, slap on some Cazal Sunglasses, pop open a can of TAB, and listen to the music of Maps & Atlases.  It won’t be long before their infinite knowledge of music takes you to another place.  Erin Elders, Dave Davison, Chris Hainey, and Shiraz Dada each construct their musical art in a way which proves to be unique experience for most listeners.

Official Website of Maps & Atlases
Visit Maps & Atlases at Myspace

Upcoming Shows:

08-10-2007 – Trilogy Theatre – Victorville, CA
08-11-2007 – Backstage – Bakersfield, CA
08-12-2007 – The Boardwal – Orangevale, CA
08-13-2007 – Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
08-14-2007 – The Barnyard – Clovis, CA
08-15-2007 – The Valut 350 – Long Beach, CA
08-17-2007 – The Marquee – Tempe, AZ
08-18-2007 – Soma  – San Diego, CA
08-19-2007 – The Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA
08-20-2007 – The Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA
08-23-2007 – Modified Arts – Phoenix, AZ
08-24-2007 – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT
08-25-2007 – Larimer Lounge – 21+ – Denver, CO
08-26-2007 – O’Leavers Pub – 21+ – Omaha, NE

Douglas Heart

July 20, 2007

Douglas Heart - Band PhotoYesterday I shared some information about the Labrador music label being so kind to offer up a really nice sampler of music of their artists. One of the groups from Sweden featured on the sampler is Douglas Heart. I don’t believe they are working with the label anymore, but the label is how I found out about their tunes. I absolutely love this band, their music puts me an in incredible relaxed state of mind. Don’t let the band name confuse you though, for the music is graced with female vocals. The lush vocals of Malin Dahlberg are probably what does it for me. There are some that may consider the songs a bit too moody and depressing, but I must say the complete opposite. The songs are well crafted and beautifully produced. You can listen to one of their songs below, which can be found on the sampler.

Listen to “A Question of Gender” by Douglas Heart:

Visit Douglas Heart at Myspace

Believe it or not, some record labels are actually pretty cool. When I mean cool, I mean “giving away free music” cool. One record label doing just that is Labrador out of Stockholm Sweden. The label has some really decent artists on board, and just recently they are giving everyone the opportunity to download the Labrador Summer Sampler 2007, which includes 68 tracks, yes.. 68 tracks! If you would like to listen to some of the artists on Labrador, I encourage you to download additional mp3s and watch some of the band’s videos at the Labrador Sound Library.

Thank you Labrador!

Labrador Records