Gogol Bordello Photo by Mike D’ArianoHighly intoxicating unconventional possession of sound.  That is my description of the gypsy punk rock group Gogol Bordello.  The band from New York is nothing but unique, and are best known for their intense live shows.  And wow, do these guys do a LOT of live shows.  Credit is given to Gogol Bordello for bringing attention to gypsy music to those who have absolutely no idea what it is.  They have branded their own style of gypsy punk rock music, and I must say it’s quite interesting.

This group of musicians have been quite busy since their debut single in 1999, and have played shows along bands such as Primus and Flogging Molly.  Most recently the band has been playing quite a few festivals, and are currently touring worldwide.  Those who take interest in the Vans warped Tour are probably familiar with the band, since Gogol Bordello has participated in the event.  They have a decent presence on the internet, so you can learn more about their music at their official website I have listed below.

The Official Website of Gogol Bordello
Visit Gogol Bordello at Myspace


I haven’t mentioned any rockabilly or swing music recently, so I thought I’d mention The Mighty 18 Wheeler. Those of you familiar with the best rockabilly in the industry probably have heard about these guys, and if you haven’t, well…you heard about them know. Recently their music has more of an edge to it, and could even be an introduction to metalbilly. Sounds goofy, I know. But the music is fantastic. Imagine if Brian Setzer joined AC/DC, you got Mighty 18 Wheeler.

The Mighty 18 Wheeler - Band PhotoThe guys are no stranger to the music scene. Smokin’ guitars and vocals come from Bobby Smith. Bobby previously belted out tracks with Jumpin Jimes, one of my absolute favorite rockabilly groups. I’ll write up a little bit about that particular band in the near future. Bobby is awesome, he adds the perfect elements necessary to make their music complete. Covering the upright bass and vocals in the Mighty 18 Wheeler is Jimmy Kolodziej. And of course on the drums is Gt Skragg, a very familiar name to the local Denver music scene.

Simply put, this group of musicians know how to jam. So go put on your rockabilly shoes and start listening to The Mighty 18 Wheeler.

The Official Site of the Mighty 18 Wheeler
Visit the Mighty 18 Wheeler at Myspace

Upcoming Shows:

Aug 17 2007 The Walnut Room – Denver, Colorado
Aug 18 2007 New West Fest – Fort Collins, Colorado
Aug 24 2007 Spot Light Lounge – Grand Junction, Colorado
Aug 25 2007 Mesa County Fairgrounds – Kruzin Car Show – Grand Junction, Colorado
Sep 01 2007 Desperate House Wives of Legacy Ridge – Westminster, Colorado
Sep 28 2007 The Tractor Tavern – 20th Annual Rockabilly Ball – Seattle, Washington