Watertouch - Band PhotoTime for me to get up on my soapbox and spread the word of some incredible sounds worthy of recognition. Yet again, the sounds come from a group of musicians from Sweden, known as Watertouch. I know I talk more about Swedish prog music more than one can sometimes tolerate, but hey.. someone has to do it.

If you take absolutely no interest in prog music in the realms of Frank Zappa, Kansas, Jethro Tull, The Flower Kings, Spock’s Beard, the Dixie Dregs, or Deep Purple, you probably won’t find this interesting. But if the slight mention of these artists spark an interest for you, you’ll come to appreciate the music of Watertouch.

The band consists of fine talent from Peter Holmstedt on bass, Eiron Johansson on drums and percussion, Per Wiber on the keys, and Patrick Salin on guitar and vocals. Swedish Grammy winner Tommy Andersson produced Watertouch’s debut album We Never Went to the Moon. The 7 track album is amazing, the majority made up of instrumentals. The band is inspired by the best classic rock music of all time, showcasing their ability to mold their own brand of prog.

Visit the Official MySpace page of Watertouch to listen to their tracks.
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Dysrhythmia for your ears

August 12, 2007

Dysrhythmia - Band Photo by Scott KincadeThe instrumental progressive rock band Dysrhythmia from Queens New York has a Split EP coming out with Rothko titled Fractures, which will be available on August 28th. Of course the band will do no less than showcase their mad skills as usual. If you never heard of Dysrhythmia, no better time than now to check them out. The band features the mighty talented Jeff Eber on drums, Kevin Hufnagel on guitar,and Colin Marston on bass. Dysrhythmia puts forth thought provoking music for the vast simple mind. Their music reshapes complexity, yet maintains a fine degree of structure. If instrumental music interests you, give them a listen.

The Official Website of Dysrhythmia
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